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Opening a browser tab to URL based on clipboard contents

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I've been using alfred for a while but to a very limited extent.  I want to get better and use more features.  Here's something I want to do, is this possible?



Step 1.) Copy and paste a long string of text

Step 2.) Switch to Chrome

Step 3.) Open a new tab

Step 4.) type in URL/place

Step 5.) paste my clipboard, so it ends up as URL/place/clipboardContents


Is there a way I can automate this?  I do this probably 10-20x per day... and I'd love to get that 5 step process down to 1 or 2 steps.  I feel like Alfred can do this, but i'm not sure where to start. 

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@2Pants Welcome to the forum :)


If Chrome your default browser? If so, the lowest-setup option is to copy your URL, pop up Alfred and paste the URL, and hit Enter. Alfred will launch your default browser with the URL.


Alternatively, you can create a simple hotkey-based workflow.

  • Add a hotkey object and set the argument to either Clipboard Content or selection in macOS.
  • Connect the hotkey object to an "Open URL" object, leaving the {query} in the URL field. Pick the browser you want it to open in, and save. :) 

This assumes you're copying a complete URL with http:// or https:// - If you're not, you can add that in front of the query for your Open URL object.



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I have a workflow that does that. 


It copies some text in the clipboard. After I hit a magical keyboard shortcut, it opens a url with the format (URL/ClipboardContents) in a new tab in my favorite browser.


You combine a "hotkey action" (select "Pass through to workflow" and "selection in macOS") with an "open url" action (place {query} where you want your clipboardContent to appear) and you are good to go.




@Vero you are too fast for me ;-)

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@2Pants I'm not familiar with Stringify, and it's not an app anyone has mentioned before, so a native integration is highly unlikely at this point, but this is what workflows are for! :) Provided there's sufficient AppleScript, you can control it through your own workflows.



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