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Airmail 3 : can't be launched via a keyboard shortcut.

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On one of my 2 macs, I can launch Airmail 3 using workflow (keyboard shortcut) on the other Airmail is greyed out in the workflow. At first, I thought it is only because, on the mac it doesn't work, I have "Airmail 2" in my /Applications and my workflow refers to Airmail 3. Yes, I have "Airmail 2" in Applications while the application version really is 3.5. 


Even after reinstalling the application, resetting the right application path in the workflow, Airmail 3 is still greyed out and can't be launched with a keyboard shortcut. 

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@politicus On the Mac where it's not launching, if you drag Airmail to the Launch Apps/Files configuration, does it add a second instance of Airmail? If so, it's because they're different enough that they aren't seen as being the same app (due to name or location most likely)


Taking this a step further, if you do an mdls (https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/mdls/) on the file on both Macs, are they 1. in the exact same location and 2. named the same thing? :)





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Dragging is exactly what I did. 

When I drag Airmail 3 on the mac where it is not working, the Airmail 3 is not recognized by Alfred. 

The logo of the application disappears is replaced by some white sheet as if I didn't have Airmail 3 installed on my mac.




The same thing happened with 1Password. But with 1Password, resetting the application path in the action pane solved the problem.

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