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translate " ": How to change from google-translate to deepl.com

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I tried for more than an hour to find out where I can change the online service that is connected to the [translate " "]-command.

Or is that hard-coced into Alfred?

deepl.com has much better translation-algorithms than google-translate, at least for german, and I would prefer to use that service in the future.

Can someone give me a hint?

Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, Thomas_U said:

Or is that hard-coced into Alfred?


It's one of Alfred's Web Searches. You can create your own Web Search for any website that has a search URL. That won't work for DeepL, apparently, because there's no way to pass your text in the URL: you have to type it in the box.


Here's a Web Search for Linguee, though:


Paste that into Alfred.

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