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open file in 'library'

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@lazermoose It's likely that the files you're referring to in Application Support are either not indexed by macOS or are marked as System Files.


If it's the latter, you can create a custom file filter workflow to search for these and check the box to include "Show files marked as System File" under the Search Scope tab. 


Unfortunately, if it's the former, and the files are simply not indexed by macOS, then Alfred won't be able to include them either (but it's more likely they're marked as System Files).



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@lazermoose You can't include hidden files in default results. As per my previous post, you'll need to create a File Filter Workflow, setting the scope you want to search and checking the box to include System Files.


Here's a step by step guide to creating a File Filter workflow:



These results will not be included in your default results, so you'll use a keyword (set in the Basic Setup tab of the file filter object) to search for these specifically.


This is the Search Scope tab of the File Filter input object in a workflow, where you'll find the checkbox for "Show files marked as System File".


Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 15.05.22.png


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