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New Text File in front folder

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Hello there! With this workflow you could either use cmd+alt+n or the keyword txt to create a new txt file in the front window of the Finder. If no window is open, the file will be created on the Desktop.

Comment out the line (delete the --)


-- tell application "Finder" to open theFile 


to open the file after it has been created.





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Is it possible to specify the name of the file?




txt notes.txt


I ported a useful v1 workflow over to v2 and it works perfectly for my needs and does allow specifying filename along with extension, accepts any extension too. For instance, 'nfh blue.md' would create a file named blue.md in the finder folder and open it with whatever app you have set as your default app to open .md or .txt or .sh or whatever file you want to create and open. All thanks to original developer who is credited John Franey.



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