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Open running instance of app instead of opening a new one

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Hi, i'm using High Sierra with Axure 8.0. Recently i've experienced issue with launching axure from Alfred. Steps to reproduce:


1) Open Alfred, type "Axure" - it will launch Axure.app, ok;

2) Then open Alfred and type "Axure" again - it will launch another instance of Axure... It should already opened instance of Axure.


How can i do that?

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It’s not anything Alfred is doing: Alfred simply asks the system to open the specified app.


The normal behaviour is as you describe: if the app is already running, it merely activated.


It actually takes additional effort to get two instances of an application to run.


This is almost certainly an issue with the application, not Alfred. 

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Could you advice a workflow that would check if app is running - then open running instance, if it's not running - then simply launch Axure.app. 


Found this workflow: http://tedwise.com/2013/03/04/alfred-2-workflows/ (called «Running apps») it's working, but can i adopt it just to axure? Like i type "axr" it opens running instance of Axure.


Thank you in advance.

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forgot to mention name of workflow

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