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Multiple snippets does not work anymore


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Hi Alfred Team,


i use snippets frequently while working in console, and often in row which is not working anymore since several weeks.

For example: apu = aptitude update and normally immediately after asu = aptitude safe-upgrade. Now i must hit backspace or other nonsense between both commands.

Another example: ee = exit, since logging into remote server via ssh and then "su" to become root causes to call "ee" twice to exit su and logout.


Btw. it does stop working not only in terminal. 


Greetings Tom

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@TnT Welcome to the forum!


Take a look at your Alfred preferences, click on the cog and check "Expand snippets mid-string". It's likely that you previously had that option checked, which allows a snippet to be typed mid-string, regardless of the characters typed beforehand.


Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 15.54.29.png






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Hi Vero,


Thank you, works again as expected :). Can it be switched off after an update? Because I didn't know this menu until before your tip, it's unlikely that I switched it of myself.


Anyway, thank you for your welcome and your perfect anwser.


Greetings, Tom

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