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I have made a few custom web searches and would like to use Alfred's default web search icons for Google, Wikipedia etc. I've gone through all the possible places where these image files may exist (Application Support, inside the Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle) but cannot find them. They ought to be somewhere! Could someone please help point to them?

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2 hours ago, deanishe said:

Applications’ icons are in the application bundle. Usually in the Resources directory.


Thanks for chiming in, @deanishe! Where can I find the Resources directory? The Resources folder inside the Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle does contain some icons but those are only for the web searches that I have created. It does not contain the icons for the in-built web searches, which are the ones I am looking for. 

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13 hours ago, deanishe said:


I did say the application bundle…


I did try and go through it but got stuck at the Alfred Framework.framework file. I didn't know that I could dig further into it as there was no option to control click and go through the contents. Pasting the path that @Vero suggested worked. Thank you both for your help :-)

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