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Clipboard history in Windows 10 VM via Parallels

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Hey everyone. I'm inquiring about Clipboard History functionality when using Windows 7/10 via Parallels Desktop (maybe applies to others, but this is my specific use case).


The feature works perfect on the Mac side (High Sierra 10.13), but when I try to use it in Windows, it pastes the letter "v". I then have to delete the "v" and then manually paste to get the correct value. In order to get rid of the "v" issue, I have to deselect "Auto paste on return" in Advanced settings. I would prefer to have this option on/selected.


In Parallels (current and last several versions) I have the keys mapped so that COMMAND+V is equal to CTRL+V, so it *should* work if Alfred is automating the key press, but I'm not sure if that's what is actually happening. 


Any suggestions or clarifications to help solve my issue?

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Thanks Vitor. Pardon the possibly ignorant question: Does Clipboard History leverage the Snippet functionality? 


I tried the steps in the linked troubleshooting guide, but the issue remains.

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Apologies, the mistake was mine. I had just answered a snippets-related question and my mind was still on that. What I meant to link you to was Why isn't my Clipboard History working?, specifically point 3:

3. App exceptions

There are a small number of apps that unfortunately don't play nice with clipboard history; These are either Java-based applications or apps run in virtual machines (e.g. Windows apps in Parallels). Due to the way these apps handle copying and pasting, they're incompatible.

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Aha, that's the answer. Not the ideal result, but at least it's confirmation that will get me to stop going down this rabbit hole (that has no rabbit).


Thank you for the confirmation. Appreciate the support.

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