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Close background apps or windows with shortcuts

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After a few years away from MacOS, I finally bought myself a Mac once again. And the first application I installed was of course Alfred. Then I found a couple of extensions I made years ago for Alfred 1 and 2. This one is useful enough to share with you in my opinion.


The extension let you set up two different keyboard shortcuts - one for closing every background window in the front application, and another one for quiting every application (in the dock) except the front application.






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@MacGeeky Welcome back to Mac! (and to Alfred!) :)


Thought you might like to know that in Alfred 3, you can add notes to your workflows, so you could annotate the workflow itself to reflect what each script does.


Take a look at tip 5 in this post (https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/7-workflow-tips-for-alfred-3/) or look at any of the "Getting Started" built-in workflows for some that already have annotations.




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