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Custom 'Open with...' file action

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I'd like to make my own version of the 'Open with...' file action (that opens the last-modified file in a directory with an application of the user's choice).


The built-in 'Open with...' file action has a second screen where you choose the application that you want to use.


How can I use such functionality in my own workflow?



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Pass the path to Alfred's action command via AppleScript, e.g.: tell application "Alfred 3" to action "~/Downloads"


That's the closest you can get to calling Open With… directly.


After that, you need to start simulating keystrokes, which may or may not work:

tell application "Alfred 3" to action "~/Downloads"

delay 0.2 -- Give Alfred time to react

tell application "System Events"
	keystroke "Open W"
	delay 0.2
	key code 36 -- Enter
end tell


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Yeah, probably. Alfred 2 only supports the search command (tell application "Alfred 2" to search "~/Downloads"), which will browse the path in Alfred instead of opening the File Actions.


As a result, you'll also have to simulate the keypress for your Actions key. If you're using (right arrow), add key code 124 before the other simulated keypresses.

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