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Workflows Top 10, 20... 50!?!

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If Alfred were paid in 'penny per use' he'd be rich.

This App is simply wonderful and been part of my Mac for years now.

I wonder how many Workflows I miss out on? I know we all have different needs, but is there a quick way of seeing New Workflows? (a monthly email, or should I check the forum?) Or indeed a Gallery of most downloaded Workflows?

Be so great to quickly check back from time to time and see anything I need to add to my Alfred setup!


Thanks again for a brilliant App.



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9 minutes ago, mac98aop said:

Is it regularly updated?


No, it isn't. There is the occasional post about a workflow on the Alfred blog, but the actual Alfred team don't appear to be particularly heavy users of workflows.

As there's no central source of Alfred workflows, there's no way to calculate a top 10 or the like. I have some stats from Packal that Shawn gave me, but they're very out of date.


There are a few places, like the awesome Alfred workflow list, but I'd take that with a pinch of salt, as the main inclusion criterion appears to be submitting a pull request to add a workflow (i.e. actual awesomeness doesn't appear to be a requirement).

You can also search GitHub for repos tagged with "alfred-workflow", but a lot of developers put all their workflows in a single repo, and so the utility of the search is somewhat limited by that.

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@mac98aop It's long been on our list to update the Workflows lists and share some of the best ones with users, but it's been tricky for Andrew and I to make the time to do this, given we've been working flat out on Alfred and on supporting users. Having said that, we've actually scheduled some time to focus on this soon. 


46 minutes ago, deanishe said:

the actual Alfred team don't appear to be particularly heavy users of workflows.


I'm using about 30 different workflows fairly regularly, but only about half of these are created by others; All others are made to meet my own daily needs, but aren't useful to anyone else as they're customised File Filters, To-Do List creators, Hotkey-based local actions, scripts to sync things to our own services, workflows to test Alfred features, etc.


For @mac98aop, his best bet is to work out which tasks are repetitive, take up more time than they should or could be optimised and look for workflows for that specifically, or create his own. A top 10 for you or for me may be very different to what might be useful for someone else :) 



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