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How to restore lost Custom Searches

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I lost my Alfred prefs when my drive died.  I am trying to restore my custom searches from Dropbox but that was overwritten when I re-installed Alfred and I can't find deleted versions on Dropbox because it reads the preference file as a folder not a single file. I have external backups from an old Time Machine drive but when I try to copy these to Dropbox/alfred folder and restart Alfred nothing changes.

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@2urn Sorry to hear about your drive issues!


If you were backing up to Dropbox and Time Machine, you should be able to go to your sync location in your backed up files and find Alfred.alfredpreferences.


Quit Alfred, copy this entire file (it's a package) from your Time Machine backup to your "current" Mac files and pop it in the same location. Restart Alfred and check that the sync location is correctly set in Advanced > Sync, and you'll be sorted.


Let me know how you get on :)



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