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Safari not getting focus when opening URLs in Sierra

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This is probably not an Alfred bug and may be a Safari thing, but I wonder if you guys have any workarounds.


Sometimes Safari does not get focus when sending a URL to it. For example, sometimes  I enter a bookmark or URL in Alfred, expecting Safari to show up automatically - but I end up having to manually switch to it, which is kind of annoying and distracting. Does it happen to anyone else?

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9 minutes ago, thiagoaraujos said:

Does it happen to anyone else?


Yeah, with quite a few apps. I've not found a solution, either.


As you say, it's not an issue with Alfred. It's a problem with Sierra. Alfred mostly just hands stuff off to the system and says, "Open this."

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3 hours ago, Andrew said:

other apps installed which may be interfering or fettling with the window focus?


None that I'm aware of. The issue I typically have (it's intermittent) is that the app does activate, but macOS doesn't switch to the space it's on. I think the OS just gets confused sometimes. Spaces has never worked very well, in my experience.

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@Andrew Like @deanishe said, it's an intermittent issue that happens more often than not - even when you try to open a URL in the same space as Safari. So it's not necessarily related to Spaces. I don't think it's related to any application in particular... I had Moom running, closed it, and still it did not solve the problem.

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2 hours ago, thiagoaraujos said:

that happens more often than not


Could you try opening URLs in a different way? Running open http://www.example.com in a shell, for example.


I've had the problem regardless of how I open URLs/paths. It's just more prevalent with Alfred, as I use it far more often than open ....

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