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Set default skin tone for emoji


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I'm back to ask Alfred to please consider making this a native/built-in feature.  I moved to another launcher a while back as they had this feature, but I missed Alfred's power. Pretty please with sugar on top? Even Slack allows you to set a default skin tone. :)

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8 minutes ago, skeskali said:

I'm saying that there should be an option to set a default skin tone


Yeah, but an option on what exactly? As I said, Alfred doesn't have an emoji feature.


Your request as currently formulated doesn't make sense because you can't add configuration options to features that don't exist.


There are several workflows (another) and snippet collections that add emoji features to Alfred.


You could perhaps ask the author(s) of those to implement your feature.

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There are currently no emoji in Alfred itself. Therefore there is nothing to configure the default skin tone of.


As such, your feature request as it stands does not make sense. You're asking for a switch that isn't connected to anything.


Your best bet is to approach the authors of the above workflows and snippet collections and ask if they would implement a default skin tone (or multiple sets in the case of snippet collections).


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