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Open/show/hide library and application support folders, plist search

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Open each of the three different Library folders by keywords:


library system (open a Finder window @ /System/Library/)
library hd (open a Finder window @ /Macintosh HD/Library/) 
library user (open a Finder window @ ~/Library/)


library visible (make library folders visible in Finder)

library hidden (hide library folders in Finder)


appsup hd (open a Finder window @ ( /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/)

appsup user (open a Finder window @ ~/Library/Application Support/)


If you would like to use keyboard shortcuts to open the folders - just setup the shortcuts you would like to use in the Alfred preferences. 

Each shortcut has a keyword in the bottom (hd, system and user) - use these to identify what each of the shortcuts does.


Another useful feature of this workflow is the plist search - I hate how much time I have to spend finding a single plist file on my Mac, but with this workflow I can do this in a few seconds. You can do the same by typing the following in Alfred:




Download Open Library Folders

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