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Use pasted url to open in another app

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Hi guys, 


Quick question: I would like to use Alfred to open a pasted url in another app: IINA (a VLC equivalent that I use to play youtube videos for example). 

I already created a small workflow with this request "iina://weblink?url={query}" which works perfectly fine when I paste the URL. But I would like to use automatically what I copied in the clipboard. I tried some stuffs like "iina://weblink?url={clipboard:0}" but it's not working. Any idea? 


Thanks a lot




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@mickaphd {clipboard} inside an "Open URL" object won't be expanded, but using the "Arg and Vars" it will. So you can just add a "Arg and Vars" object before the "Open URL" that would send the content of the clipboard and use "iina://weblink?url={query}" for the URL


Here is a small workflow to show you this method: https://nofile.io/f/yKeyvqbN4zd/SendToIINA.alfredworkflow



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On 04/11/2017 at 3:56 AM, mickaphd said:

Thank you deanishe. I was not able to download the workflow because of 404 error. Will try with the pbpaste command


Sorry about that. I fixed the link. Here it is again.

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