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Alfred slow text imput after updating to High Sierra [Due to HS bug, solution provided]


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Hello, fellow Alfred user.


Unfortunatelly, ater updating to macOS High Sierra [version 10.13.1 (17B48) ] (really, really bad decision :/) my Alfred is struggling with text imput. I have latest version of Alfred v.3.5.1 [833]


It is very slow with imput any command or word i type into it - i finish writing 10 seconds before the imput appears in the Alfred (i don't experienced it in other apps).


Best description is this screencast: 



I've tried everything from clearing cache on my Mac, edit permissions for alfred, restart Alfred several times and also restarting my mac to clear application cache, rebuild macOS Metadata (most complete reindex), also to change sync folder.


It is very strange that on my external monitor [1080p via HDMI] it is working normally, i only experienced it in my mac monitor [MacBook Pro 2015 w/retina].


Can you please help me?

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Edited title to reflect the fact that a solution already exists for this
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51 minutes ago, chutnacik said:

but i've spent apx. 30 minutes searching, didn't find anything


That may be due to how weirdly the search is in IPBoard (which this forum uses).


If you start searching from inside this post, for example, by default it’ll search only for content inside this post. Nice in theory, but in practice that is insane, and rarely what one wants to do.

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