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Merging clipboard items doesn't work

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In the settings, it says that you can merge two adjacent clipboard items by pressing cmd and double tapping C. This does not seem to work as described, and instead only copies the selected item to the clipboard. It is possible that I am misreading the instructions, as they are somewhat confusing, but then I would request that the instructions be changed?

Thanks so much

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Thank you for the fast reply!

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work for me. The setting is turned on, and I'm holding the command key. I press c the first time, and by the time I press it again, no matter how quickly I press it, the Alfred window autohides and the system error tone plays since I've pressed ⌘C without selecting anything in whatever app I'm running. The selected item is copied to the clipboard, as expected.

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@alpha11411 Are you using any other clipboard managers (e.g. PopClip), keyboard modifiers or other apps which would be responding to this?


Please take a look at System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and let me know what apps are listed there. It may be that another app is interfering with the normal behaviour.




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3 hours ago, politicus said:

Thanks @bivalvegruff but I was thinking about a case where I would merge for example the last clipboard entry with the 9th clipboard entry rather than merging the X last entries of the clipboard. 


Will still happily keep using your workflow 👍


Oh okay, haven't seen a workflow like that, I think it would be hard to remember how many copies ago the clip you want to merge was. Just to be clear, the one I linked to is not mine, it's @luckman212's 🙂 

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