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Keep clipboard history forever


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On 7/14/2019 at 6:11 PM, theSquashSH said:


I've created a script that handles the backup of the db, merging it with an
infinite-history sqlite db in my home folder, and searching functionality.

Full source: alfred-clipboard.sh (it's a fully functional infinite-history solution for Alfred, with backup, search, exporting, etc.)


Thank you very much for taking the time!

Do I need to create a file in my home folder for this to work? And/or could you or someone else post a short instruction on how to make this script run?

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I am obsessed with Alfred's clipboard history, it's quick raw extremely reliable and extremely functional form factor and versatility. My concern is that I use it as a replacement for reminders/note keeping  as it's way more convenient to quickly type something and copy it, then later when need to recall it, simply search based on specific reminding characters.

The problem is that this only remains available for only three months and that's extremely unfortunate. I also use BetterTouchTools on my Mac and they offer clipboard history to remain for up to one year, but the form factor just isn't as convenient as Alfred since Alfred just offers more.

I am aware that memory management might the reason why it's capped to three months, but I only use it for text, and have disable it for images and files, so maybe that should make it a but more manageable, especially since BTT's clipboard offers it with no issues.

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+ 1 on this. I understand the concern about some users just setting it to unlimited and not understanding the consequences.


Proposed temp solution: Have a hidden option somewhere (Maybe only enabled if ~/alfred_infinite_history.txt is present). Or I'm sure a smarter way can be found.

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==google translate==

For example, set ".ZSH_HISTORY" to "SaveHist = 1000000".
It is not 3 months to maintain plain text, but it is good to be 1000000 or 10000000.

When reading old things, latency may occur.


History of almost endless clipboard. I want to pay money...

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