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A workflow similar to Alfted native file search

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In Alfred, you can search files, using the ', then after which you can use the right arrow to view more options, and each options allow u to do a specific task, like Open, Browse Folder In Alfred

How do I implement this in a workflow?

For example,

Open -> New Project Query Name -> Right Arrow -> Shows a list of options -> A list like npm run dev, npm run build, deploy, etc.

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If what you want is just a custom action in the File Action list, then you need to create a workflow and add a "File Action" node (Inside the "Triggers" menu). Then set a name and connect the node to another one that will process the file the way you want it. For your example, you would need to create multiple File Action node, one for each action: npm run dev, npm build...


Or if you want to create a File Action that pop another list of actions to do (like a group of action when you select an action: Example: create a "npm" File Action that link to multiple related actions like run dev, build, deploy...), then follow @dfay link for some examples.



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