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Open links from specific application in other browser

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I felt a little hesitate to start my first topic, because I think my question is quite simple but I couldn't find the answer yet in the forums. But since this is the reason I started using Alfred, I might just ask the community :)


On my Mac, I use different email applications and browsers to seperate work and private. I use Outlook and Firefox for work and Airmail and Chrome for my private stuff. Now, Chrome is my default browser. What I want to achieve is that all links that I click on in Outlook are opened in Firefox. Is this possible?


Thanks for helping out!




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@DanP Welcome to the forum :)


When you're clicking on a link in Outlook, macOS will just open it in your default browser, and Alfred plays no part in the interaction. Doesn't Outlook allow you to set the browser it should use? That would be the most direct way to do it.


If you wanted to use Alfred, you could create a hotkey workflow so that the link selected in macOS or copied to your clipboard is opened using a specified browser, but it'll require either selecting or copying the link.


To use Alfred as I described, create a workflow with a Hotkey where the argument is either "selection in macOS" or "Clipboard Contents", connected to an Open URL object, where you can specify which browser you want the query to be opened in.


I'll move this to Workflows Help & Questions, so if you need any help with your workflow, you can pop a reply in and get some workflow-relevant help.





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