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Workflow to simulate using a keyboard shortcut on highlighted text

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I run a softphone VOIP app for work (the RingCentral app). I'd like to be able to type a phone number into Alfred (or select it from a contact) and have it place a call, but RingCentral doesn't seem to have AppleScript support or much else that would help.


What it does have is a global keyboard shortcut. I can highlight a 10 digit number anywhere in the MacOS and use a keyboard shortcut to instantly dial the number.


Is there any way for Alfred to simulate highlighting some text and then using a keyboard shortcut? I'd like to pass the workflow some text by typing a number into Alfred, then have it "highlight" that text and do the keyboard shortcut for me.

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Wow, thanks! Very helpful!


In the mean time I ended up also asking about this on the RingCentral development forum, and they let me know that the RingCentral softphone app has an undocumented URL scheme for placing calls as well. That turns out to be a cleaner approach. So in the end I'm using a bash script that looks like this:


number=$(echo "{query}" | sed 's/[^0-9+]//g')
open "rcmobile://call?number=${number}"


Thanks for the help!


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