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"Eject" command dont stop USB external disk as finder do

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错误    17:20:42.814096 +0800    mds    ====^^^^ QUERY CLIENT _showAllExtensions:1
错误    17:20:42.946243 +0800    mds    ====^^^^ QUERY CLIENT _showAllExtensions:1
错误    17:20:43.068344 +0800    mds    ====^^^^ QUERY CLIENT _showAllExtensions:1
错误    17:20:43.709218 +0800    mdworker    Asked to exit for Diskarb
错误    17:20:43.868751 +0800    mds_stores    Got event: Connection invalid
错误    17:20:43.868849 +0800    mds_stores    MDSSecureStore connection error:Connection invalid
错误    17:20:43.867735 +0800    mds    Event on stores connection Connection invalid
错误    17:20:43.867892 +0800    mds    Event on stores connection Connection invalid
错误    17:20:43.883339 +0800    mds_stores    Got event: Connection invalid

Thanks for your reply. Above are some logs I found, I guess "错误" == "Error". By saying "not fully ejected", I mean not as Finder do to shut down power completely, the disk is successfully unmounted with Alfred in some sorts.

Besides, I use the USB drive in question as TimeMachine.

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@georgexsh There's unfortunately not enough information to really establish why macOS isn't fully ejecting the external disk as it should. I left the discussion there in the hope some other users may be able to provide more insight.


We haven't had any other reports of this kind of issue from other users, and we are unable to replicate the issue, so this area of the forum may be the best one for you to potentially get fellow users popping in with some ideas of why you might be seeing this specifically on your Mac.



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