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Dear Alfred users,

Here is another screenshots workflow for Alfred. I created it while I has learnt how to write an Alfred workflow. Maybe you find it useful.


Github: https://github.com/vookimedlo/alfred-various-screenshots


Alfred 3 workflow for taking various screenshots.


  1. Install alfred-various-screenshots workflow.
  2. All further updates are handled automatically.


In Alfred, type ss, which stands for ScreenShot and initiates a submenu which offers three options.

  1. Screenshot - Area
  2. Screenshot - Screen
  3. Screenshot - Window

Alfred menu screenshot Alfred submenu screenshot

By default, the screenshot is stored in a file located at your ~/Desktop directory. This could be overridden, either by pressing the  key, or  key.

The first one - ⌘ - instructs workflow to put a screenshot to clipboard. The second one - ⌥ - shares screenshots via Dropbox and stores a sharing link to clipboard.

Screenshots files will be named according to the following pattern screenshot_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S.png

       Y       Year in full form (e.g., 2006).
       m       Numeric month, a number from 1 to 12.
       d       Day, a number from 1 to 31.
       H       Hour, a number from 0 to 23.
       M       Minutes, a number from 0 to 59.
       S       Seconds, a number from 0 to 59.


There is no need to install a Dropbox software to you MacOS. The only requirement is to log into the web Dropbox account and create an access token for the workflow.

Dropbox App Creation

Dropbox App Key Creation

Such generated access token shall be placed to the workflow DropboxAccessToken variable.

Alfred Variable

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