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Path of options with just one script

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Is it possible to have just one script in an Alfred workflow, as a Script Filter, then when the user chooses an option, it will pass it through the same script, and based on the argument, either show new results, or open a URL?


So, the part I need help with is making it possible to infinitely pass the argument into the same script, without of course creating an infinite number of Script Filter objects in the workflow.


This would easy if, say, I just needed the user to choose two options, then I'd just have two Script Filters, but that's not the case here.



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Yes, that's possible:

External Trigger  ->  Script Filter  ->  Filter  -> Call External Trigger
                     [sets variables]  [call again    [back to start]
                                        or stop]

You'd probably want your Script Filter to set variables, so it can determine where it is on the next run, and you'll probably want a Filter to stop the workflow when it's done.


You may want a second branch and Filter after your Script Filter to perform whatever action it is your workflow should carry out.

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