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Jack Vaughan

Searching file system for Google Docs

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Hi there everyone,


I've just set up Alfred and absolutely love it. However can't seem to activate the ability to search for Google Docs within my filesystem. Alfred doesn't seem to recognise them. Only finds the native pages files. I use Google Docs for everything so would be great for these to show up like they do in the normal finder search.


Many thanks

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@Jack Vaughan Welcome to the forum. :)


If you're using Google File Stream, another forum user @able asked the Google Suite support about indexing, and below was their answer:


"Unfortunately currently the File stream does't fully support Spotlight. The files for File stream are not stored in a separate File Stream cache which can't be indexed by Spotlight. There are some reports that if you reinstall the File stream it will work for a while but this is not an officially supported feature yet. There is an existing feature idea from the Cloud connect portal. You can vote for it as well and I hope that more options are added in future updates https://www.cloudconnect.goog/ideas/11068. I was checking for that as well but currently there are no reported workarounds besides reinstalling the app which is reported to work in some cases. I could't see any settings you can change to make this work"


As such, if you're using File Stream, these files won't be indexed until Google Drive provide macOS with a way to do this. You can follow the link in their post to add your vote to request it. 




[Edit: Looks like @vitor beat me to the reply :) ]

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Hi Vitor, that's solved it. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help with this. 

I apologise, I should have done a little digging myself and found those troubleshooting tips.

I've now set my 'open' function to be just 'o' - works great for me. 

Many thanks, 


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16 minutes ago, Jack Vaughan said:

I apologise, I should have done a little digging myself and found those troubleshooting tips.


If all users were as polite and understanding as you, we’d all be happy moderators! Glad it’s sorted out!


For reference, there’s a page that links to troubleshooting steps (likely compiled by @Vero). But let’s hope you don’t come to need it.


Have a nice day!

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