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Dear Alfred users,

Here is another file digest computation workflow for Alfred. It's aimed on files only, so data are read in binary mode.

The most useful digest are "md5" and "sha-1/256/512" in these days,


Github: https://github.com/vookimedlo/alfred-file-checksums



Alfred 3 workflow for computing file checksums.


  1. Install alfred-file-checksums workflow.
  2. All further updates are handled automatically.


Select a file or multiple files in finder and invoke the alfred file actions, by default the ⌃⌘\ shortcut.

Alfred actions screenshot

Choose the appropriate digest algorithm in displayed menu. Be aware, that a digest computation takes its time on large files, so be patient! By default, computed digests will be shown. This could be overridden by pressing the ⌘ key, which forces to put computed digests to clipboard.

Alfred actions submenu screenshot

Then, by default, the computed digests from selected files will be shown.

alfred-ffprobe results screenshot



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