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Add anchors to subsections on all (more?) Alfred help pages

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The help pages on AlfredApp.com are very … err… helpful, and it would be great if it were possible to link to subsections within all of them, rather than only to the page itself.


For example, the File Search page has anchors for its various subsections, so you can link directly to "File Search", "File Navigation" etc.,  but the Using Variables in Workflows page doesn't.


The Workflow Environment Variable panel is (as previously mentioned) a mystery to a lot of users. Rather than having to explain it in every README to avoid the inevitable "how do I set these variables?" questions, it would be very helpful to be able to link directly to the "Setting Workflow Environment Variables" section.


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@deanishe Yes, some of the documentation could definitely do with more granular linking; Let me have some coffee and I'll aim to add a few extra anchors to that page specifically. 


If any other pages are tricky for you to link to, let me know and I'll take a look. My plan is to review documentation generally in the new year to look for any subtle changes in macOS or in Alfred that might need to be reflected, so I'll include reviewing anchors as part of this. :)



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