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Snippets please support gif and image~!


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Snippets please support gif and image~! So I can input image emoji by snippets.


In China, It's popular to send emoji while chatting online, if alfred snippet support image and gif, it will earn many Chinese user!!





While input "!jump", I hope it become flowing gif



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9 hours ago, Beiling said:

I knew that pack, that only could input unicode emoji, gif and png is not supported.


Didn’t know you did, therefore i thought you meant emoji's that are unicode based.

So yeah natively Alfred doesn’t have support for images. Would be nice to see :)

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@Beiling, it would be great to have this feature directly possible in the standard Alfred Snippets section, but if you don't mind creating Workflows for your snippets, look in my attached post to have a look at a way to paste image from Alfred. You will have an example to set a snippet and to use it directly from a Hotkey. Just duplicate the objects to create another snippet and make sure to replace "/path/to/your/image" in the Run Script with the path to your actual image and you should be good to go.



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