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Occasionally, Alfred does nothing when I select an option from search results

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Running Alfred v3.5.1 on macOS 10.13.1.


Occasionally (I haven't been able to pin down a root cause yet), Alfred does nothing when I select an option from search results.




1. Activate Alfred (⌘-Space).

2. Type a shortcut (e.g., "term").

    - Terminal.app (or iTerm.app, etc.) is highlighted.

3. Press return.


Expected behaviour:

Alfred switches to the highlighted application.


Actual behaviour:

Search results are cleared, but Alfred stays focused and does not switch to the highlighted application.


This only occurs some of the time (maybe 1-2 times per day).


I'm not sure exactly what to look for; let me know what additional information I can provide to assist with diagnosing this issue.

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@phx Try updating to 10.13.2, and restarting your Mac. Alfred does a very standard call to macOS to tell it to launch a file or app. If this isn't working, then something will be up in macOS.


You could also try temporarily creating a new user account and trying on there.




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Hey Andrew. Thanks for the suhggestion. I updated to 10.13.2, but even after a restart, this issue persists.

I hate to fire back with simply, "It still doesn't work." I'm looking for patterns that trigger/mitigate the issue, but I haven't found anything conclusive yet. Let me know if you have any ideas to test out.

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