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Word Search: A workflow to make you a better writer

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Word Search is an Alfred 2/3 workflow which exposes powerful word searching utilities. Ultimately, the workflow can be leveraged to widen your vocabulary and make you a better writer.

Quick Reference

  • syn [word] - Broadly searches for words related to a word/phrase.
  • dsyn [word] - Searches for a word’s exact synonyms.
  • ant [word] - Searches for a word’s antonyms.
  • rhyme [word] - Searches a word’s rhymes.
  • describing [word] - Searches for words that describe another word


Simply type in a command. Selecting a result will copy that word to your clipboard and automatically paste it in the front most app.


Simply download the latest .alfredworkflow file and double click it to import it to Alfred. Word Search will update on its own.


Searching for words that describe “dog” 



This forum doesn't like many images. If you want to see more screenshots, checkout the github page.

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Hi there! I am very grateful for this workflow. It is awesome! Thank you!


However, I would like to suggest an idea, since I am not capable enough to do it on my own.


Since, I am not a native speaker I make mistakes in prepositions, which follow a word.


Maybe, you can expand the functionality of this plugin and add a search for prepositions? It would be really cool to have a context description in case of multiple options.


It would be highly appreciable by me.


Once again, thank you!

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