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suggest supporting workflow auto download && auto update


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I suggest alfred support workflow auto download and auto update


details as follows,


* a config file, whose each item corresponding a workflow

* each item contains: download addr(github addr)、current version get addr(github addr)、etc.

* auto download, add a new item to the config file, then alfred auto download new workflow and install

* auto update, alfred workflow check for update everyday and auto update background


by this way, user could use workflow more conveniently.

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Alfred Workflows do support auto-updating, but it’s up to the Workflow developers to implement it. It’s currently not hard at all to do.


@deanishe’s Alfred-Workflow is a popular library for writing workflows in Python that supports auto-updating among many other features.

My own OneUpdater is a simple node to add auto-updating to any Workflow, regardless of language.

If you want to add auto-updating to one of your Workflows, you’ll be well served with either of those (both are well maintained). If you want third-party Workflows to implement auto-updating, you’ll need to ask their developers.

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