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BTConnect Workflow - Would anyone find this useful - Released for Feedback December 26 2017

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Howdy All,

This is a quick one I have thrown together for my own use, I am hoping for some feedback on if anyone else would find this useful. I.e. do I keep it to myself, or productionise it properly?


I put this together primarily to connect quickly and easily to my Apple Airpods and an Alfred Workflow seemed like a great way to do that. I then expanded this to do hotspots and extra headphones as well.


Shoutout goes to Ian Gloude for his code on https://medium.com/@igloude/using-applescript-and-btt-to-make-the-airpods-experience-a-little-bit-better-6e78b12d33bd that makes this work. Essentially all this workflow does is do the clicks in the UI for you. I have logged a RADAR to Apple's BugReporter to request proper programmatic access to such Bluetooth functions also (for good long-term measure).


You can grab the beta workflow from: https://web.tresorit.com/l#5nvV-nDObUj8ovGFXYHP5g



  1. Load up workflow
  2. Open Workflow Environment Variables
  3. Modify Workflow Environment Variables with your Bluetooth Device Names. PLEASE NOTE - read the notes alongside regarding regular and artistic apostrophes. AirPods especially seem to have artistic apostrophes in their name so you need to make sure you get the right one.
  4. Should be good to go



  • btairpods - connect to your airpods (they must be out of their case)
  • btheadphones - connect to another set of defined headphones
  • btphone - connect to phone network
  • bthotspot - connect to iDevice hotspot (note this forces a several second delay between clicking the WiFi menu and clicking the hotspot as it usually takes a second for the hotspot's to show)
  • dcbthotspot - disconnect from iDevice hotspot
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On 23/02/2018 at 9:00 PM, pbl4845 said:

I´m interested in this one. 


Not sure if this is the way this should work, opens the menu, selects my airpods, opens submenu saying connect......but stops there, i need to press intro to connect


Hi! Could you possibly post a screenshot of your bluetooth menu opening the connect submenu (I am wanting to see if there is something different in your menu than what I am seeing.


Also what version of MacOS are you on?

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I´m in high Sierra 10.13.3. I do also use Bartender and this only makes an action in case I do have shown the BT icon if its hidden under bartender....simply makes nothing.


As I said, the workflow unfolds the menu and selects the item for me. But do not click this, and as long a usually I do have the focus on other places I do need to move the trackpad to there and click it myself.


Thanks for quick Reply!



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