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How to definitively disable Google and Amazon search?


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In my Alfred Web Search preferences, I have disabled Google and Amazon, but I must be missing a checkbox somewhere because Alfred insists on putting Google and Amazon in the search results for any term that I type (see screenshots).


How do I definitively disable Google and Amazon search?

web search preferences.png

search results.png

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Those are coming from your Fallback Results. You can modify your Fallbacks list at: Alfred's Preferences > Features > Default Results > Fallbacks > Setup Fallback Results . Just select the fallbacks that you don't want to see anymore and remove them with the minus ("-") button.

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On 12/27/2017 at 10:01 PM, phx said:

Thanks for the explanation!  I see it now:




Looks like customising fallback searches is a powerpack feature — there is no way to remove fallback searches in the free version of Alfred; is that right?


To awake their thread actually click "Setup fallback results" and simply delete Amazon etc. By selecting and pressing the "-".





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