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List filter: diplay titles and subtitles variables

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List filter is a feature I discovered recently. I use this type of workflow to create “DAT worflows". DAT stands for "direct access to". I use it as a faster way to access the page of a web application. What does such a workflow do? In Alfred search bar, I type a keyword, then the item list "Title" variable I have set in Alfred, hit enter and boom the webpage I wanted to go to, appears by magic in my default browser. Here are my workflow settings:





My question is there a way Alfred shows the item filters "Title" and "Subtitle" variables as it does in a "File filter" action?  For example: 




For now, I have to type the workflow keyword + the "Title" variable of the list item.For example with my Gmail workflow:






I would like to have the "Title" and the "Subtitle" variables of any item of the list suggested to me in Alfred's results before I type the "Title" variable.


Thank you.

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Top left. Change “Argument Required” to “Argument Optional” and it’ll work.


For future reference, when you need help with a Workflow you’re building, you should always upload it somewhere and include the link. Debugging can already be hard with access to the code; doing so with only screenshots and descriptions is way harder.

See the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to build an effective report.

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