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Alfred Emoji: Search emojis by name or keyword

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45 minutes ago, dtoub said:

2020-04-20 15:45:15.585 osascript[7640:9227507] Error loading /Library/QuickTime/XviD_Codec.component/Contents/MacOS/XviD_Codec:  dlopen(/Library/QuickTime/XviD_Codec.component/Contents/MacOS/XviD_Codec, 0x0106): missing required arch x86_64h in /Library/QuickTime/XviD_Codec.component/Contents/MacOS/XviD_Codec


Well, that appears to be your problem. An old QuickTime plugin that won't run on your system, and which is printing crap into the script output, invalidating the response.


That is to say, it's a problem with your OS, not with the workflow. You need to delete that broken QuickTime codec.


I'd guess you're running Catalina (which is why it's complaining about not finding a 64-bit version), but you didn't say. Please always mention which versions of macOS and Alfred you're using (as is stated in the "Reporting Problems with Workflow" thread I linked) because it's highly relevant due to the differing capabilities of different versions of Alfred and macOS.

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On 1/10/2018 at 5:17 AM, carnegie said:

Great workflow, thanks! Is there a way to auto-expand/paste it once I select an emoji?


Here's what I did to enable that. 

  1. Open the Workflow on Alfred Preferences
  2. Double click on the second "Copy to Clipboard" action
  3. Select the "Automatically paste to front most app" check box.
  4. Done.

Hope this helps.

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On 5/5/2021 at 4:49 AM, fxf said:

I can't find this emoji : https://emojipedia.org/cross-mark/ 

Is there a way to add it? I'm using it a lot :)


@fxf Try "remove" or "cancel" as a keyword to search.


  "x": {
    "keywords": ["no", "delete", "remove", "cancel", "red"],
    "char": "",
    "fitzpatrick_scale": false,
    "category": "symbols"


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