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OmniOutliner to-do script

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If anyone else is using OmniOutliner as a to-do list, here is a quick script that can be adapted to add rows. 


on alfred_script(q)
	tell application "OmniOutliner"
		make new row at last row of front document with properties {topic:q}
		outdent last row of front document
	end tell
end alfred_script


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@marlowe By chance, do you know of any OmniOutliner scripts for searching (a specific outline, all outlines, etc.)? You're one of the few people I've seen post about OmniOutliner, so I figured I'd ask.


There are a few great OmniFocus search workflows, but I haven't been able to find any for OmniOutliner yet. And, to be honest, I hate OmniOutliner's built-in search!


Thanks for any help you can lend!

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I no longer have a pro (=scriptable) license for OO but their scripting support is quite robust, both Applescript and JXA.  

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