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Steve Ball

Google search opens blank browser tab

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Repeatably (today) and occasionally in the past since recently upgrading to High Sierra, when I invoke Alfred and type a term I wish to Google search for, I type the term, the Alfred dropdown shows a single option of "Search google for '<term>'" and then I hit enter. A new Chrome browser window opens but it's blank.


Alfred 3.5.1

Build 883, Wednesday 18th October 2017


High Sierra 

Version 10.13.2

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@Steve Ball Have you tried restarting Chrome? We've had reports that after Chrome did its last background update, some users have been having slight behaviour issues with it (unrelated to Alfred) and restarting the browser was sufficient.



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[Edit: This post was merged from the other thread by this user, as both were on the same topic. - Vero]


When I bring up the Alfred input box and start typing a search term I get the usual "Search Google for 'XXX'" dropdown and I hit enter to perform the search. A browser tab opens but the URL is empty (as is the page).


This used to happen intermittently and started immediately after upgrading Sierra to High Sierra. Though, over the course of a month, it went from happening 10% of the time to 90% of the time.


I had some other problems too: with Alfred, the hotkey activation occasionally was ignored, and other Finder problems of several varieties.


I'm using the latest versions of Alfred (version 3.5.1 Build 883) and the latest version of High Sierra.


After 3 months of this, my computer was essentially unusable so I did a clean install of Sierra and everything is fine, as well as being noticeably much faster.

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@Steve Ball try temporarily setting your default browser to Safari (in Safari's preferences) to see if the problem lies at the macOS level, or just Chrome.




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