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Ryan McGeary

"Migrate my settings" does not migrate "with space" setting on Keyword inputs [Accepted]

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When upgrading a workflow, if "Migrate my settings" is checked, settings such as custom keyword inputs and custom hotkeys are kept; however, if a keyword is customized and the associated "with space" setting is also customized, the "with space" setting is not migrated during the upgrade.
I expected that the "with space" setting would migrate just like the keyword migrates.  
As an example, when I upgrade Alfred Emoji, I change my keyword from "emoji" to to a single character (:), but I also uncheck the "with space" setting, because I want to emulate emoji completion in tools like GitHub or Slack.
Alfred version & build number: v3.5.1 [883]
OS X version: 10.13.2 (17C205)
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1 hour ago, Ryan McGeary said:

I want to emulate emoji completion in tools like GitHub or Slack.


That's the great thing about your workflow: it uses the same names as GitHub. Where do the names come from, exactly?


I have a couple of other emoji-supporting workflows, like Dash or my own Unicode one, but they use the official Unicode names, like SMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH AND COLD SWEAT, instead of the much handier sweat_smile.

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Awesome. That looks very handy. Thanks very much.


This is the first I've heard of the Fitzpatrick scale, and I must say I'm a bit peeved that they think us Brits are the pastiest-faced of them all 😠




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