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How to exclude one app from Alfred default search


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I want to exclude one app Tweetbot so that when I search for it in Alfred, nothing is returned.


The reason I want to do it is that I work in Focus sessions similar to Pomodoro where I block all distracting things for 1 and half hour and focus on what I need to do. Only issue is that I sometimes do want to post a tweet and thus use Tweetbot's create tweet action.


I activate Tweetbot app with Keyboard Maestro macro that will not open Tweetbot when I am in the focus session because I create a file at start of Focus session and erase it in the end. The macro looks like this if anyone is interested: 



However I still can access Tweetbot quickly from Alfred and I want to block that.


Is there a way to blacklist an app from Alfred search?


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