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Alfred does not find anything you haven't searched with Spotlight first

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Hey guys, I have an issue with Alfred since  awhile that is strange.


1) Alfred does not find ANYTHING that I haven't searched first with OS X Spotlight.


2) Anything Alfred actually finds will be listed over and over and over in a long list of identical items:




How can I solve both these issues without loosing all my settings for Alfred and the workflows I have installed and customized ?

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@s95hc8 Take a look at the troubleshooting steps on the Indexing page here:



If results aren't being returned from file searches, there's likely some corruption to your Mac's metadata index (even if Spotlight appears to return some results). Follow the steps to rebuild your Mac's index, and let it run until it's done, which can take up to an hour.


[Edited to add: I notice that in a previous thread, you stated that you were using Onyx on a regular basis to manage your metadata index, so I would ensure that Onyx is not being run or used for a while, to ensure that this isn't having an unexpected impact on your index.]


Once it's completed, type "reload" into Alfred to clear the application cache (which only affects apps, not general files, as the latter are not cached) and let us know how it goes.



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Hey Vero, thanks so much for fixing this ;-)


I have some operations running on the Mac, so I cannot do the spotlight rebuilt just now but doing a cache rebuilt in Alfred immediately solved the duplicate search results.


I will do the spotlight index rebuilt once the Mac is finished.


Thanks for your help!

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