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2Do create task with extra metadata

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I came to find out there actually is another workflow that's about 9 months old only after I finished making a new one, but since mine is slightly different so I'm going to post it anyway.



2d event [[today][tomorrow] on [11][feb 11][11 feb 2018][wed][wednesday][2/11]] [at [9][9:30][pm]] [@[list]] [#[tag]] [[*][**][***]]


You can set due date, due time, list, tags, priority in near-natural-language way. Order between due date, due time, list, tags and priority doesn't matter as long as event is located frontmost.


Require Python3 installed.


Caveat is, Python script isn't properly fast enough(and my coding skill isn't good enough) to handle large inputs like this right away, pausing .5 seconds before pressing return key is recommended. Otherwise metadata may not be fully included.


That being said, I'm looking for someone that could give me ideas to decrease these intervals Python requires to break down inputs and convert it to tasks. Though this script can be improved, since this workflow actually works, I'm posting this workflow here rather than Workflow Questions and Helps. Please let me know if anything's against community rules(or maybe admin can take this down)

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