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List and/or delete local time machine backups in High Sierra

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List and / or delete local time machine snapshots


Previous Apple operating systems had the possibility to disable local time machine backups with "tmutil disablelocal" within Terminal. Unfortunately this does not work anymore in High Sierra. Apple changed this behaviour.

And unfortunately I do not like this behaviour as I have always three external TM HDDs attached.

So after searching a little bit, I found a reddit.com posting with proper terminal commands for listing and deleting local TM backups when you have High Sierra. Thanks for posting!


++++ How to use this workflow ++++

Just type "ltm" and then "list" to open terminal and to see how many local TM snapshots are on your local disk.

Type "ltm" and then "del" to delete your local TM snapshots. Terminal opens and deletes the backups.




++++ It's a simple workflow and my first one ... please feel free to optimize and enhance it ++++


Icon made by me :D


Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mx2my7wco8splo7/Delete Local Time Machine Backups (High Sierra).alfredworkflow?dl=0




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