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Export snippets into other formats?

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I know I can export my snippets into a `.alfredsnippets` file. Is it possible to export into another format, or convert that format into something like a `.csv` file? I don't intend moving to another service but I don't like being locked into a specific format after putting so much effort into my collections. Also, it would be great to be able to work on my snippets in my text edit where I can modify, add to, and maintain my collection as a `.csv`, or something similar.


I imagine this is a little controversial because there are so many competing products. At the same time, I'd feel even better about using Alfred if I felt that I wasn't risking losing everything if I am ever forced to use something different (for example, if I have to replace my personal machine, I'd probably switch to Linux).

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28 minutes ago, pauljacobson said:

for example, if I have to replace my personal machine, I'd probably switch to Linux)


Just curious, do you have any replacement for Alfred on linux? I myself have a hard time working on other machines when i don't 

have Alfred and Karabiner. I even have a hard time working on windows whenever i have to....i hate it lol.

@nikivi has brought me to the state where i now use sticky keys, simultaneous etc. Haha :D

My muscles memory is pretty trained for a couple of actions by now.

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I believe there are a couple options on Linux. There is an Alfred imitation called Albert, apparently. It's mostly something that I've considered although now that I use Alfred so much, it wouldn't be a decision I'd rush into.


If only there was a Linux version of Alfred ... :-P

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7 hours ago, vitor said:

.alfredsnippets, like  .alfredworkflow, is just a renamed .zip file. Unzip it and you’ll find all your snippets inside, in a clear JSON format.

I don't know why I even doubted you ?

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