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Disable Alfred when specific app is frontmost / fullscreen

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Hi everyone, 

I don't play video games very often but I recently started playing Factorio in which I find myself using very weird and complicated key combinations... not unlike some of Alfred's shortcuts... And quite often, I trigger a workflow... Is there a way to prevent that? While still having Alfred work as soon as I switch to another app (like switching to desktop #1 to answer a few messages while playing).

Thanks a lot.

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I don't think there is a way to deactivate Alfred and reactivate it beside quitting it and opening it again. So, you'll be better to have another application that could do that. I mean, it closes Alfred when your specific game is front most and open Alfred when it is not... But I guess it would make Alfred less responsive and risk of missing keys. Therefore, I think your best solution would be to put your game application into the blacklist all of your interfering hotkeys. To do so, go into your workflows that have an interfering hotkey, open the Hotkey object, go into Related Apps, make sure the "Hotkey is only active when the following apps " is set to "don't have focus" and then drag and drop your application into the list field. Save the popup and then you should be good. Note that, however, you can't have a whitelist and a blacklist (you can't have two list: one set to "have focus" and the other to "don't have focus"), so this will only work if your hotkey doesn't already work only for specific app(s).

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