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Lost Snippets


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Hi, I accidentally deleted my main collection of snippets, instead of just the one individual snippet inside that collection (wasn't paying attention to which '+/-' I was pressing). 


I don't have a sync location set and unfortunately don't have a time machine backup - does anyone know where the alfdb file goes when it's deleted? Not in trash, hoping it's still recoverable. 


Thanks in advance, any help is really appreciated!

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@Chardy Alfred keeps snippets as individual files in the Alfred.alfredpreferences package snippets folder. The snippets.alfdb is rebuilt from the snippet files for fast efficient search. The files you'd need to recover would be the Alfred.alfredpreferences/snippets/[snippet collection]/.


Unfortunately, if you don't keep a backup of this, I'm not sure what your options are :/

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This just happened to me but thankfully Alfred put the deleted snippets folder in trash.


It was just a matter of moving it back to /Users/[Your User Name]/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences/snippets/

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