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Play Song - Quickly play songs, albums, and more from iTunes

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Hi everyone. I recently released Play Song v3, which introduces a few important changes which you should be aware of.


Most notably, Play Song v3 removes the play keyword in favor of the playsong keyword. In short, I did this because the play keyword was becoming too ambiguous in name and behavior. However, if you so desire, you are still easily able to rename the playsong keyword to play within the Workflows pane of the Alfred Preferences.


In addition to that major change, Play Song v3 (and the subsequent bugfix release) introduces a number of welcome additions and fixes:

  • I have rewritten the sorting algorithm to improve the relevancy of results.
  • Improved Play Song to be fully functional across synced Alfred installs on multiple Macs
  • Squashed a few small bugs

Download Play Song v3.0.1





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Is it possible to add to 'now playing' or 'play next' instead of making its own playlist? maybe as alternate behaviours (cmd+enter/opt+enter) ?

that would make this way awesome


Unfortunately, AppleScript (the language in which this workflow is written) cannot control the recent Play Next feature in iTunes AFAIK. The only way to queue up multiple songs is to have the internal playlist created for you.


If you desire to queue up many songs before playing, it is probably easiest and best to create a playlist within iTunes and then play that playlist whenever you so desire via this workflow (e.g. playplaylist My Playlist).

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Hi there.


Great workflow, by the way.


But I'm having trouble with the Packal update.


Every time I go in to check for updates, your workflow says I have an update pending:


3.0.1 => 2.1.4


Did you update the version number when you submitted the workflow to Packal?


As far as I can tell, the version number is indeed accurate. A potential solution is to download the latest version of the workflow either from Packal or from GitHub and install the workflow over your current installation.


I actually pushed a new release to GitHub recently, so I'll publish that to Packal later today, and you can give it another try. :)


EDIT: I pushed the latest release (v3.0.2) to Packal. Let me know if that fixed the issue.

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Great workflow.  It does just about everything I need save search in comments field.  Due to ever expanding music styles and sub-genres I've resorted to adding my own tags to Comments field.  I keep them to a reasonable number...say average about 10 keywords per track and usually I add an "x" to the end of it.  So, emox and dirtysouthx gives me accurate search results for these subgenres quickly, with very few false positives.   I still use genre and grouping but this is not enough.  And too many playlists gets to cumber some.  Anyway, could you add a comments search to this already great workflow.  



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Been looking for a workflow with these functions for quite some time now, but I can't seem to get the playplaylist function to work for some reason. All the other options work, and sadly the playplaylist function was the one I was the most stoked about.


When I enter the command playplaylist, press enter and then start typing the name of a playlist, it only gives me the option of searching the various search engines I have enabled in Alfred.


I have the power pack, updated to latest OS and checked for updates to Alfred. Also made sure Alfred has access in Security & Privacy. Are there any other settings in Alfred that I might be missing/have unmarked by mistake that are required?

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