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Eric Lee

Currency Converter

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I created a currency converter, which supports managing frequently used currency type.
It also supports one-to-many conversion.
The exchange rate will update on a daily basis.

You can find more instructions at here.

You can also download the workflow at here.

I would appreciate it if you can give me some feedback.

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Appreciate the share, this works really well.

I don't need currency conversion very often, so I know in a couple of months when I try it again, I'm not going to remember that the currency code needs to be inserted before the amount. It would be cool if you could allow for it coming after the number also.

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Love this workflow, thanks for sharing! I mostly just need to convert between CAD and USD, so I duplicated the "cur" script filter. Now I just type "usd 25"



Just need to insert the currency before the $@ in the script.


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