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Possible to Turn Off Predictive Search

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Update: I appreciate the responses.  After reflection, however, I think I misstated my issue.  I'll restate it (hopefully more clearly—sorry for the confusion): Upon entering the first character of the keyword trigger for the expansion, I am presented with a list of the  available expansions in my Alfred window.  In the case of a couple of my expansions, I would prefer to have (some of) them not appear until the entire keyword has been entered.  Thanks again…


I've set up several text-expansion workflows, each triggered with a 4-character keyword.  My problem is that the workflow is activated (and the expansion completed) after only typing in 1 character of the 4-character keyword.  And I want Alfred to complete the expansion only after the full keyword had been entered.  Ideas?  Many thanks.

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@sots As well as providing the details @vitor mentioned, can you please check you're not using another text expander tool at the same time, or a keyboard modifier that might be interfering with Alfred?

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